Social Project

DBIS is involved with a lot of Social projects which immensely help the rural and urban mass particularly the women to be financially strong and mentally advanced to cope up with any odd situation.

  • Vocational training
  • Women empowerment
  • Books to the students
  • Creche
  • Family counseling centre
  • Legal aid to women
  • Veterinary aids for cattle
  • SHG Leadership Seminars

Vocational Training

DBIS has been running training programes to train their members in different crafts like tailoring ,zari embroidery ,dress designing ,leather crafts , coir , animal husbandry and first aid etc.

Women’s empowerment being one of our major objectives, DBIS undertakes every effort to work for economic independence of women. Training programmes in various skills and trades were imparted to women and young girls and on completion they are placed for jobs or helped to start their own venture. Tailoring, Book Binding, Envelop Making, Candle Making,Detergent Manufacturing, Making Handicrafts, Training to the women of our target group.

Women empowerment and socio-economic development programme

We encourage the women to get involved in forming Self Help Groups and helping them with micro credit to start income generation for their sustainable development. To bring economic awareness through various income generation programmes To bring awareness on education, health, social and economical development To bring the change in livelihood. To take up Women empowerment programmes, in order to bring gender equity between the male and female of the area.

Distribution of Books

DBIS helps needy and meritorious students by paying their Tuition Fees and distribution of books and study materials every year.

CRECHE for children

If nature is the source of life then education is its survival. Unfortunately, in deltas of West Bengal here a little fraction of children have stepped in the school arena and within that the drop out rate is quite high. DBIS is running Crèches at Mathbari, Minakhan and those Creche centers managing 50 odd children to bring in the light of education.


DBIS is successfully running the family Counseling center at Diamond Harbour in South 24 Paraganas district. The programme is supported by the Govt Organisations like Centre Social welfare Board & State Social Welfare Board . The Family Counseling Centre started w.e.f. 30.03.2012. The mission of this organization is to resolve and redress conflicts/disputes in the families and two family Counselors are engaged (one male & female) for the said purpose.

Extra effort has also been made to extend counseling services through DBIS. Free Medical Camps as well as conducting social awareness and moral education camps have also been set up.

Legal aid to women

It is a fact that poor women are the victim of injustice in the society not only by the society but also by their members of family. Sexual harassment to the female child is also a common phenomenon in the society. DBIS also gives legal protection to those children to fight with maintaining the jurisprudence of this country. A help line has been initiated for taking immediate action.

Veterinary aids for cattle

It is noticed that due to lack of medical facility nearby the poor agriculturists face loss in their business.

DBIS volunteers Veterinary Doctors in a routine manner for those members who keep on their livelihood by rearing of cattle.

SHG Leadership Seminars

In order to bring Transformation in the Society, we organize Leadership Training skill programs for the Social workers. The women with leadership skill are selected to work within the groups.

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