Project Description & Goal


The programme uses the group-lending methodology with groups, each consisting of 10 to 15 members. The minimum size of a loan is at present approx Rs.10,000/- per member. The purpose of the loan is to help, establish and promote growth in micro business like dressmaking, embroidery, small retail shops and bakeries, clay sculpture, pith artisan and handicraft etc along with helping in Agricultural sectors.

The loan is given on the terms of to 24.92 % interest on Reducing and is repayable within 12 to 24 months period. Subsequent doses of loan are sanction for Rs.16000/- and above with a reduced rate of interest 24.92% for a period of two to three years. But before these loan are given, the capacity of the borrower earned, the size of business, the marketing possibility and the gradation are assessed to ensure success of the venture.


  • To assist and finance to small entrepreneurs to enable them to start or strengthen their Micro-businesses, providing them self-employment and creating jobs to alleviate poverty.
  • To provide technical and business management training and skills to entrepreneurs
  • To provide professional trade skill training in various professions such as computer operation, commercial typing, dress design, tailoring, embroidery, coir & lather product manufacturing etc.
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